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About Me

I've an opinion about everything and comments on about almost everything. It's not that I pick on people to make myself feel better, but to show people those things could be better with not to much effort. Unfortunately a small share of the world population share's my view on reality. It's a pity everyone stops listening if my comments are a bit to negative for their taste. Excuse me if you make crap (websites for example) and I have to tell you it is crap, because no one else wants to.

I don't know what else to tell you about me you could always ask.

About the site

I started out with a couple off programming languages, HTML(duh), JavaScript and PHP. I started making some pictures in Adobe Photoshop sliced it up and paste it in a table. It was the only way I knew to make some nice sites. But then there was this guy who watched me struggle with different background pictures and a lot of useless options that really no one cares about. That guy told me there was something much better than a combination of PHP and JavaScript to work with, he really opened my eyes CSS was the answer.

After, what seems to be an age, I finally managed to produce a flowing layout which satisfies me. I made about 10 working sites that I threw out the minute I was done and settled with one I partially ripped from almost anyone. I'll try to credit you all in my thanks to.. part.

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