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I made numerous wallpapers and sites which, off course, I want to show you all. I divided them up so you won't get confused to easily. Because I didn't finished all the sites I tried to make there are only screenshots, not actually working sites. Unfortunately enough I lost a lot of work so it's not as impressive as it was meant to be.

You could always give your opinion about my artwork, but try and give some useful comments instead of the usual "It is ugly because I don't like it".

About the site

I started out with a couple off programming languages, HTML(duh), JavaScript and PHP. I started making some pictures in Adobe Photoshop sliced it up and paste it in a table. It was the only way I knew to make some nice sites. But then there was this guy who watched me struggle with different background pictures and a lot of useless options that really no one cares about. That guy told me there was something much better than a combination of PHP and JavaScript to work with, he really opened my eyes CSS was the answer.

After, what seems to be an age, I finally managed to produce a flowing layout which satisfies me. I made about 10 working sites that I threw out the minute I was done and settled with one I partially ripped from almost anyone. I'll try to credit you all in my thanks to.. part.

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